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Pick up your October issue of Lake Norman Woman & celebrate "You're The Key"

Read about some of the local women featured in this issue:


donna-0001the key to staying present
Donna Ballas | Breast Cancer Warrior | Ballas Chiropractic


The Lake Norman community recognizes Donna Ballas as the doctor’s wife and partner at Ballas Chiropractic in Huntersville. People know Donna for her business acumen and community outreach, but what they may not know is she’s a breast cancer survivor. 

At 34, Donna had her first mammogram, simply based on intuition. Even after two negative needle biopsies, she couldn’t shake the feeling. Donna decided that whatever it was—harmless or not—it needed to come out of her body. When she awoke from surgery, her doctor said, “I have bad news.” Donna recalls, “I just smiled. I knew I had to take responsibility for myself.”


drzinn-0006continued health is key
Dr. Jacqueline Zinn | Piedmont Healthcare

Dr. Jacqueline Zinn, board-certified in physical medicine-rehabilitation, is a physiatrist with Piedmont HealthCare, who sees patients in the Mooresville and Statesville offices. A physiatrist specializes in musculoskeletal health, such as sports injuries, diseases of the spine, and acute pain management.

When Dr. Zinn was growing up, her mother broke her leg and spent six months in a cast and a wheelchair to recover. She says we now have the ability to use surgery to improve the overall prognosis and healing; but she learned how one health concern can spiral from a single musculoskeletal issue to affecting the entire skeletal structure. “Any abnormal gait can end up overstressing other joints as well as the spine, causing a new set of issues,” she says. This intrigued Dr. Zinn to pursue medicine and a focus on the entire patient—a sum of its parts.


susan-0003she became a butterfly
Susan Kirk | CommunityOne Bank

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.” This well-known quote from author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar are words to live by for Kannapolis native Susan Kirk. Vice President of mortgage loans at CommunityOne Bank in Cornelius, Susan is driven by something bigger than money, recognition, or prizes—she knows it’s all about the people, and that suits her just fine.


October 2014:

This is our annual Pink Pages issue in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer during her life is about 1 in 8. That’s a scary statistic. And, my guess is that if you’re that one hearing the words from your doctor, “You have breast cancer,” it’s terrifying. I can’t imagine the fear, the worry, the disappointment. 

Fear can be debilitating, no doubt. When life is difficult—whether we’re experiencing a change in marital status, losing someone we love, switching careers, or battling illness—fear makes us think we can’t recover, we can’t start over, we’ll never find someone to love us again. But the good news is that fear is only an emotion. It cannot stop us from doing anything. We hold the key, which is our theme for this special issue. As I was contemplating what to say about “You’re the Key,” I took a break and flipped on the television. And it was the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, that caused me to have an “aha” moment. 

{continued ... }
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09/11/01: I remember thinking how strange it was that our principal came over the intercom to tell the entire school that an airplane had hit one of the towers. If you've spent any time lately in the educational system, you know how precious the intercom system. You know how protected it is and how little it's used, especially in a test-score-driven district.

I remember telling the principal I was leaving the television on because my next class was journalism and it felt appropriate. We still had no scope of what was going on.


Unless you’re traveling to Virginia, Tennessee, or South Carolina this weekend, you won’t be taking advantage of tax-free back-to-school shopping. For those of you who don’t have kids in school, this was still the perfect opportunity to stock up on office supplies—and if you were me, you could replace the computer the thieves stole from my house (because the insurance deductible made the computer not so “replaceable.”)!

Instead, many businesses are having better-than-tax-free sales to entice you this weekend, so they are worth a look.

But this year, another aspect of back-to-school shopping has hit my home: latex-free supplies. It was bound to happen (I’ll spare you the story here), though I have a latex allergy. Irony aside, for now, I have to get a handle on what a latex allergy means during the time of year when erasers and new pens and paper abound!


I’ve seen the signs today. This has been a life-changing thing recently to be able to take pause and recognize the signs that are clearly laid in front of me.

When I was little (until I was about 14) I went to my grandparents’ house every weekend. And every Sunday we’d go to church. My grandmother, who raised two boys, took a perverted pleasure in dolling me up for Sunday church. I remember there being spools of ribbons in every color in her walk-in closet (that closet is another story!), which she would use to braid my hair (She called it “plaiting,” but again, I digress.). One Sunday, when I was around 10 years old, the teenage girl sitting next to me, Sherry, who’s family sat with us every week, went to the front of the church during the alter call. When the music stopped, the preacher said, “The Lord has spoken to Sherry today; and she wants to give her life to Christ.” I distinctly remember thinking, “What? Why didn’t I hear Him? I was sitting right here and I didn’t hear nothing.”

Clearly, I had a ways to go; please don't judge 10-year-old me. I get better. :)