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Read about some of the local women featured in this issue:


DSC 0129the best of both worlds
Susan Johnson | Susan Johnson & Associates


Peeking at Susan Johnson’s resumé, one may quickly question how she does it all. But Susan, owner of Susan Johnson & Associates at Keller Williams in Cornelius, seems to have boundless energy. This local girl earned a communications degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s in organizational communications from Queens University. After 10 years in banking, and with a 14-month-old, she earned her real-estate and broker licenses by going to school on the weekends in 2005.


DSC 0081compassion is key
Dr. Nicole Naylor | Westlake Dentistry

Some may say  that the word “compassion” has become cliché, that its power and resonance has been lost because some only pay lip service to it; but others understand that compassion is the key to happiness, fulfillment, and success. the Dalai Lama once said, “Compassion…is not passive—it’s not empathy alone—but rather an empathetic altruism that actively strives to free others from suffering.”

Dr. Nicole Naylor, owner of West Lake Dentistry in Denver, asserts that the key to compassion is action. Rather than an ethereal notion, active compassion creates opportunities to make the world a better place. “Be compassionate about what you do,” Dr. Naylor says, “and what you do will be compassionate toward you.”


KendaPrimrose Techhere she is: Kenda Leavine
Primrose School of Lake Norman

i am an LKNwoman because… I love how quickly this area is growing in all aspects; for a young, married couple, we get to grow right along side the community!

How does technology affect school? Primrose has an iPhone app for parents to access school menus, classroom newsletters, events, and more. Most prospective parents find us through an Internet search. Keeping our website updated and interesting is important. With parents’ busy schedules, email communication with families is essential. Being a ‘green’ school has been a vital change for paperwork reduction. Highlighting school events through our Primrose Facebook page has been an integral part of our school-to-home partnership. Family and friends, both near and far, have been able to feel connected. 

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April 2014:

I was explaining to my 14-year-old son the other day that if he wanted to continue using the cellphone I so generously supply for him, it might be a good idea to answer the darn thing when he sees my number on his caller ID. This led to a discussion about my own teenage years and how I, too, occasionally got in trouble for not checking in with my mother—only we didn’t have the luxury of mobile communication. As a teen on the loose, I had to actually call from a landline (although we certainly didn’t have such a term then) at a friend’s house or to find a quarter to call from a pay phone. My son woke up from his self-induced coma prompted by my reminiscence, and with great perplexity said, “Wait....What? You didn’t have a cellphone in the old days?” 

I didn’t bother to answer. I was too struck that my past had already become someone else’s ancient history. And while I appreciate many of the high-tech gizmos and gadgets we have today—I’m writing this on a laptop with my iPhone close at hand—I’m no techie. 

{continued ... }
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I had a silly notion right after New Year's—but not really a resolution—that I wanted to learn to run at least a 5K. Nothing crazy.

Now, my definition of run will vary greatly from people who actually do it. The only thing I ever ran were bases and suicides, and that was many, many years ago. I wouldn't even call what I did in basketball "running." Honestly, I believe the runner's high is a myth. I mean who can really forget that they're running? Euphoria-smuphoria!


January 23:

Today is National Pie Day and ironically, it's also Women's Healthy Weight Day. I don't know the source of Women's Healthy Weight Day, though it sounds like somebody has a nasty sense of humor to coordinate it with Pie Day.

And I don't mean that pesky math theorem. Theorem or particle of math (I don't know; I majored in English), something to do with figuring out the circumference and the area of circles...if you need to figure out the circumference or area of circles, but I digress...


When I met with Jen Ansted in July to officially interview her for our September adoption story, I had no doubt she had saved that little girl’s life...

because I came to the interview knowing she had saved at least three lives prior to all this: my family.

My story with Jen goes back to 2010. My family’s world was upended by an elementary school principal determined she would not be challenged (and this wasn’t her first rodeo in this arena) at any cost, including the lifelong effects on my child, whom she’d never even laid eyes upon. Despite knowing the law and 18 years of my own master’s-level and National Board educational experience, and despite the countless (documented) conversations, pleas, written requests, certified mail, and additional evidence, this principal was unyielding. And that’s putting it nicely. Her unilateral decision to “place” my child with special needs in the same grade he’d already successfully completed in an accredited private school was silently supported by everyone we encountered. Verbally (or in writing) they, including the former superintendent, said she can do whatever she wants, she won’t change her mind and if you challenge her, she’ll make your child’s life hell.