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Pick up your August issue of Lake Norman Woman & celebrate "Carpe Diem!"

Read about some of the local women featured in this issue:


BobKristinAshleighCharlotteALSWalkApril14making it count
kristin mcCoy  |  ALS spotlight

In November 2012,
45-year-old Kristin McCoy received a striking blow. Kristin had been experiencing unusual muscle weakness in her legs for a while—so much so that she had difficulty walking. Finally convinced by her husband, Bob, she saw a doctor. That visit and two referrals later, Kristin’s diagnosis was amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, ALS is a progressive, severe neurodegenerative muscular disease that kills the nerve cells controlling the body’s muscles. As the disease progresses, muscles become weakened and even paralyzed, eventually causing respiratory failure. There is currently no cure for ALS.


robin-2building a legacy
robin smith salzman  | lake norman chrysler dodge jeep ram

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,” Winston Churchill once said. These inspirational words resound through philanthropic spirits, including our very own Robin Smith Salzman who, with husband Jack, owns Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Cornelius. 

Robin and Jack have been married 22 years and enjoy gushing over their six grandchildren—four girls and two boys—ranging from 3-13 years old. With their three children in Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta, they travel quite a bit. Also, in the summer they bring each grandchild to Lake Norman separately for a concentrated week of quality time.


kristi-2location, location, location!
kristi hand  |  titan realty

Anyone living in the Lake Norman area understands the significance of location. With its natural beauty and easy-going atmosphere, many describe living here as being on a perpetual vacation. 

Perhaps few know this better than Lake Norman native Kristi Hand. Born and raised in Cornelius, Kristi, owner of Titan Realty in Mooresville, has a special bond with this exceptional part of the South.


August 2014:

Carpe diem. Seems like beneficial, practical advice, doesn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy every precious minute of life, to make each day count, to act on every moment, to live in an extraordinary way, and to experience life fully?

Whew … I’m tired just writing about it. In the reality of life, or at least in mine, sometimes seizing the day is a bit tricky. I don’t have as much trouble carpe-ing my diem when it’s a day at the beach or a sunny day spent cruising through the mountains with the top down. On those diems, I can carpe right along with the best. No, it’s the routine diems that cause me trouble. I find it much more difficult to carpe in the school carpool, at my semiweekly forage in the grocery store, or while folding the laundry, making dinner (or calling it in and picking it up), meeting a deadline, or paying bills.   

{continued ... }
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Unless you’re traveling to Virginia, Tennessee, or South Carolina this weekend, you won’t be taking advantage of tax-free back-to-school shopping. For those of you who don’t have kids in school, this was still the perfect opportunity to stock up on office supplies—and if you were me, you could replace the computer the thieves stole from my house (because the insurance deductible made the computer not so “replaceable.”)!

Instead, many businesses are having better-than-tax-free sales to entice you this weekend, so they are worth a look.

But this year, another aspect of back-to-school shopping has hit my home: latex-free supplies. It was bound to happen (I’ll spare you the story here), though I have a latex allergy. Irony aside, for now, I have to get a handle on what a latex allergy means during the time of year when erasers and new pens and paper abound!


I’ve seen the signs today. This has been a life-changing thing recently to be able to take pause and recognize the signs that are clearly laid in front of me.

When I was little (until I was about 14) I went to my grandparents’ house every weekend. And every Sunday we’d go to church. My grandmother, who raised two boys, took a perverted pleasure in dolling me up for Sunday church. I remember there being spools of ribbons in every color in her walk-in closet (that closet is another story!), which she would use to braid my hair (She called it “plaiting,” but again, I digress.). One Sunday, when I was around 10 years old, the teenage girl sitting next to me, Sherry, who’s family sat with us every week, went to the front of the church during the alter call. When the music stopped, the preacher said, “The Lord has spoken to Sherry today; and she wants to give her life to Christ.” I distinctly remember thinking, “What? Why didn’t I hear Him? I was sitting right here and I didn’t hear nothing.”

Clearly, I had a ways to go; please don't judge 10-year-old me. I get better. :)


In my last post about my running goal, I asked: What are you out there doing (what goal has your attention)? I would love to hear from you about your goals—and your successes or setbacks reaching it.

Last Sunday, I had a setback. It was to be the last run of my app: my goal, for all intents and purposes. Maybe I set myself up for “failure” because I knew it was going to be a scorcher of a day—and I wore my pedometer for the first time to see exactly how far I went.

At 32 of the 35 minutes, I wasn’t sure how I’d keep going. And I suspect most of those strides looked zombie-esque, as I dragged myself along.

At 35 minutes, I looked down and saw I’d only gone 2.5 miles actually running…and if I added my warm-up walk, my total distance was 3 miles even. My next action may be more embarrassing than the Nadal-inspired grunts that regularly punctuate my exercise: I cried.