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Pick up your July issue of Lake Norman Woman & celebrate "Taking The Plunge"

Read about some of the local women featured in this issue:


amy-0004woman to watch: amy allred
Lake Norman Legal Services

on taking the legal plunge: Before law school, I was a dental hygienist. I considered dental school but knew that being a lawyer was what I was supposed to do. I earned a bachelor’s in dental hygiene from UNC-Chapel Hill, and then went to the University of Tulsa College of Law. I opened my own practice in North Carolina in 2000; and in January, I started Lake Norman Legal Services in Terrell. It’s always scary to jump in with both feet, but I made the right decision. The entire community has been warm and welcoming.


Kim-0011Diving IN
kim mcbee | On Point Carolinas Realty

Pat Summitt, the legendary college women’s basketball coach, once said, “At Tennessee, we have won games by the margin of a single good thought.” Making good decisions is more than an attribute for Kim McBee, realtor and partner at On Point Carolinas Realty in Mooresville—it just may be her hallmark.

A die-hard Vols fan, Kim knows her football, too. She recalls games that date to the Peyton-Manning days, and Kim gets that fanatical look in her eyes as she talks about faithfully attending every Neyland Stadium game each football season. This passion courses throughout her family, also: her son, Tyler, is a scholarship swimmer at nearby King University and plans to go to veterinary school at UT in a few years.


diane-0010enjoy the JOURNEY
diane reilly | patient of Physician’s Plan One-to-One Weight Loss & Wellness Center

No matter what your
plight in life is, it is important to remain positive and always, always bring your A-game! While Diane Reilly, of Huntersville, learned this lesson early in life, she admits practicing it wasn’t always easy. “I went through a very difficult time,” Diane shares. “I lost both of my parents; my kids went away to college, and I had retired from a career I loved. I grieved for all my losses, became depressed, and packed on 50 pounds in the process.” While the proverbial rain poured, Diane felt lost and alone. When she finally decided enough was enough, fate brought her an answer—it came in the form of Physician’s Plan One-to-One Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Huntersville.


July 2014:

We all must navigate the waves of life. There’s really no way around it; it’s either sink or swim. But sometimes taking that plunge can scare the bejeebies out of us. Fear does serve a purpose, though. It can motivate us, it can help us avoid mistakes (It was the fear of my dad’s wrath should I fail that kept me from skipping that 8-a.m. geology class in college!), it can even keep us safe (Think: mammograms. Seriously, would you do that just for funsies?).

Fear becomes a problem, though, when it’s debilitating. I wish I could tell you that one of my strengths is an ability to face fear with confidence, but I can’t. If I’m being honest, I’m something like what author Deborah Coty calls a “lean, mean, frightened machine” in her book Fear, Faith, and a Fistful of Chocolate. I’m afraid of a lot of things. Sharks. Drunk drivers. Loneliness. Not being a good mother, or daughter, or wife. Gaining weight. Writer’s block. Wrinkles. Rejection. Flying. Forget about logic or common sense. I seem to let raw fear trump them both when it comes to any of the above.

{continued ... }
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I’ve seen the signs today. This has been a life-changing thing recently to be able to take pause and recognize the signs that are clearly laid in front of me.

When I was little (until I was about 14) I went to my grandparents’ house every weekend. And every Sunday we’d go to church. My grandmother, who raised two boys, took a perverted pleasure in dolling me up for Sunday church. I remember there being spools of ribbons in every color in her walk-in closet (that closet is another story!), which she would use to braid my hair (She called it “plaiting,” but again, I digress.). One Sunday, when I was around 10 years old, the teenage girl sitting next to me, Sherry, who’s family sat with us every week, went to the front of the church during the alter call. When the music stopped, the preacher said, “The Lord has spoken to Sherry today; and she wants to give her life to Christ.” I distinctly remember thinking, “What? Why didn’t I hear Him? I was sitting right here and I didn’t hear nothing.”

Clearly, I had a ways to go; please don't judge 10-year-old me. I get better. :)


In my last post about my running goal, I asked: What are you out there doing (what goal has your attention)? I would love to hear from you about your goals—and your successes or setbacks reaching it.

Last Sunday, I had a setback. It was to be the last run of my app: my goal, for all intents and purposes. Maybe I set myself up for “failure” because I knew it was going to be a scorcher of a day—and I wore my pedometer for the first time to see exactly how far I went.

At 32 of the 35 minutes, I wasn’t sure how I’d keep going. And I suspect most of those strides looked zombie-esque, as I dragged myself along.

At 35 minutes, I looked down and saw I’d only gone 2.5 miles actually running…and if I added my warm-up walk, my total distance was 3 miles even. My next action may be more embarrassing than the Nadal-inspired grunts that regularly punctuate my exercise: I cried.


Wait’ll you see what we’ve done now! I’m just in such awe of our cover girl, Kim McBee, realtor and partner at On Point Carolinas Realty in Mooresville, because she jumped right in when we asked if she’d be willing to do her cover shot in the water!!

Dana and I agreed each of us weren’t brave enough to take that plunge, and I’m so proud to have Kim on the July cover, showing us how it should be done!

Which leads me to taking the plunge and what it should be about in the first place.