Tooth Truths for Little Teeth

Posted Lake Norman Woman Health, Wellness

In honor of Family Health Day this month, Dr. Ryan Whalen of Whalen Dentistry in Cornelius shares with Lake Norman Woman his “Tooth Truths for Little Teeth.” TRUTH:  BABY TEETH ARE IMPORTANT WHY:  Speech development, chewing correctly, and creating space for those permanent teeth to grow in. TRUTH: FLOURIDE IS ESSENTIAL WHY:  Flouride protects your […]

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Supporting the Blind and Visually Impaired in North Carolina

Posted Lake Norman Woman Health, Wellness, Women's Health

By: Hannah Earnhardt, Director of Development, North Carolina Lions, Inc. For many of us, we don’t think twice about opening ours eyes in the morning and greeting the day; however, individuals with blindness or visual impairments do not have the luxury of saying “hello” to the day with sight. North Carolina Lions, Inc. (NCLI) is […]

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Obey the Rules

Posted Lake Norman Woman Letter from the Publisher

My husband, son, and I experienced an extreme example of how rules can be less than definitive as we traveled along a stretch of highway through the Yucatan Peninsula over spring break. As drivers in the U.S., we are not only accustomed to, but make every effort to follow, the road signs, right-of-way laws, and […]

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