I’d make a great feature story. Will you write about me?

Much of our editorial schedule is predetermined months in advance. Sometimes, we do have room for additional community stories and other projects. Contact us and tell us why you’re a great choice. If we agree, we will discuss your story at our next editorial committee meeting.

Meanwhile, you can submit your name for a Woman on the Move blurb. Chances are, we can accommodate you rather quickly in WOTM.

When does the issue come out?

The official answer is ‘By the 1st of the month,’ however, we usually have it distributed a few days earlier. Again, this depends on the weather, holidays, and weekends. We’re efficient, but we’re a small ship!

The same goes for online copies. We try to have it up by the end of the first day of the month.

Where can I get a copy of LKNW Magazine?

Distribution locations shares a mostly current list of places LKNW Magazine is distributed in print, including all local Harris Teeter stores. Some LKN neighborhoods have magazines delivered to their homes. You can see a list of the neighborhoods here. We update this list periodically.

If you’ve exhausted all these options, email us and let us know. If we have any extras, we’ll try to see that you get one.

I am a business. Can I get on the distribution list?

Maybe so.  Contact us.

When do you distribute?

By the 1st of the month, give or take for weather, holidays, and weekends.

I’m convinced! I want to advertise with LKNW. What do I do?

Contact us!

I already advertise with you, but I have a question about one of my ads. Whom do I contact?

Contact your sales representative or Leslie. Leslie can field your question and get back to you with a quick response.

How do you decide where the ads go in your magazine?

Unless, you secure a specific placement, general ad placement is rotated from month to month. But we do take care to space apart like-businesses (realtors, for example). While we can’t guarantee the kind of article or editorial will be on the same page as your ad, we do try to ensure there isn’t a conflict of interest (i.e. a divorce-attorney-ad on a ‘Fantastic Hubby” spread, let’s say!).

How many copies of the magazine may I have?

While we recognize you may want to paper your entryway with your fantastic coverage, we ask that you don’t “sweep the aisle” at your local HT (or someone else’s local HT). We will arrange with you ahead of time the number you can have upfront. At the end of the month, we may be able to give you additional copies.

You will be able to link to your article via social media and other technology.

Another option is Ray at Crown Trophy in Cornelius. He can create a stunning plaque of your article—just the way it appears in the magazine, for a nominal fee. Contact Ray for more details.

Can I have the photos Chelsea took at my photo shoot?

That’s a Chelsea question. She is contracted independently as a photographer, and the photos are her property. Contact Chelsea directly; and she can discuss this further.

How do you choose which pictures to use in your feature?

We have an editorial committee that determines the selection, based on the month’s design, layout, theme, and sometimes the content of the story.

How many back copies of the magazine do you have?

We don’t stockpile back issues of the magazine because we have digital copies. We typically don’t keep many older copies on hand.

How do you decide about whom to write?

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and that we can all learn from one another. In fact, it is our mission to share the stories of women right here in the Lake Norman community for that very reason. However, editorial in any magazine is limited, and we make no apology for the fact that good quality, professionally written articles submitted by or about those who place paid advertising in Lake Norman Woman will always receive preferential treatment. After all, without them there would be no editorial space available!

Why do you put an “an” in front of LKNW? Shouldn’t it be “a”?

We get this question a lot, actually. Grammar rules for determining article use (a or an) are based on sound, not spelling. That confuses a lot of people. If the sound of the word is a vowel sound, you use “an” in front. If the sound is a consonant sound, you use “a.” So, “a” before Lake Norman Woman, but “an” before LKNW (because when you say, the letter “L” you say, “El,” right?).

Why is everything you write positive?

We love celebrating the women of Lake Norman! We’re not in the business of trying to catch people in a scandal or shedding any negative light on anyone. One of the true joys of this job is getting to focus on the positivity. However, we won’t print anything we know is not true. Just sayin’.