Heart surgeon? Yea, that’s a super stressful job. Air traffic controller? That ranks up there, too. But motherhood definitely takes the prize when it comes to jobs that can frazzle the nerves. Thankfully, it’s a job that also fills the heart in immeasurable, joyful ways. That’s why our moms should be showered with love 24/7, 365.

But when Mother’s Day comes around, it’s the perfect time to show her just how much you love and appreciate her. That being said, it may feel next-to-impossible to find a gift for mom that will outshine other gifts and be that special thing she remembers forever. And while you can never go wrong with beautiful flowers, the gift of preserved roses from MFLEURS (100% natural flowers that have undergone a process of preservation to keep them fresh and beautiful for 12+ months) is the perfect way to express your love, gratitude and appreciation. Here’s why:

  • MFLEURS preserved roses last for one year or longer.

It typically only takes a week or so for fresh flowers to degrade in appearance.

But, with a preserved rose, you won’t have to worry about your gift losing its initial appeal. MFLEURS roses are able to maintain their beautiful, fresh look until next Mother’s Day or even longer. What a perfect way to express to mom that your love for her is timeless.

  • MFLEURS preserved roses don’t need water.

Mom won’t have to worry about remembering to water MFLEURS’ preservation process helps bond water inside organic tissue and prevents evaporation. As a result, she’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the preserved roses without any extra maintenance.

  • MFLEURS preserved roses make excellent décor.

Preserved flowers are much better suited as decorations than ordinary flowers that wither quickly or synthetic flowers that simply don’t look real. One advantage is that mom can make use of preserved roses in several different ways—an elegant centerpiece for a few months, a beautiful accent on her mantel a few months later. The possibilities are endless.

  • MFLEURS preserved roses appeal to all the moms in your life.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for your mom, your grandmother, the mother of your children, you can find the perfect arrangement and color at MFLEUR. You can have them delivered directly to them, or host a Mother’s Day brunch for all the moms you love and have your entire order delivered to your home and surprise them in person. MFLEURS’ roses will also make beautiful centerpieces and place settings.

Long-lasting and with gorgeous colors and easy maintenance, MFLEURS truly are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. In addition to its refined and impressive selection of floral arrangements, MFLEURS  ETERNALS™—a special preserved rose that lasts for years to come and is available in a variety of colors and box choices so that you can customize your gift according to your mom’s preferences—is the star of the collection this Mother’s Day season.

To view MFLEURS’ collection and order MFLEURS’ preserved roses for mom, visit the MFLEURS’ showroom at 2319 Concord Lake Rd. in Concord (844-635-3877) or visit online at