By Catherine Diehl

Kat Eckles is one of those women who can dream anything into fruition, and when she started envisioning owning her own organic juice bar, the vision eclipsed and became known as Clean Juice. The idea sparked shortly after Kat started growing her own fruits and veggies in her garden and made fresh smoothies and juices for her friends and fam. Once her friends started asking for the recipes, she realized that her community was lacking a healthy option, but not just any type of healthy, an organic healthy.

What makes organic different? Let’s talk about it, because the idea that all you have to do to be healthy is make your plate colorful isn’t exactly checking off all the boxes. Why? Because all fruits and veggies aren’t created equal.

There’s this pesky little thing that likes to get into food that isn’t certified organic and that’s glyphosate. Short and toxic, it’s a pesticide that can be found in any of your fruits, veggies, proteins, and grains if they aren’t USDA Certified Organic. Organic foods contain less harmful pesticides, aren’t genetically modified (GMO), and carry more nutritional value, which is why Kat was so adamant about serving her fam all organic foods.

Eating healthy for not only herself, but also for her family, became a lifestyle, a choice, and it carried a purpose, and that purpose poured over into her community. Kat and her husband, Landon Eckles, brought their family saying and favorite Bible verse, “healthy in body, strong in spirit” (3 John 1:2), to the masses through Clean Juice, and after 6 years, their Flagship store in Birkdale is moving across the street to Birkdale Landing in late June for a perfect summer treat. If you want to start living like Clean Juice’s Owner and Chief Visionary Officer, Kat Eckles, be sure to stop by their new location and experience the organic difference.