Happy New Year!

Many of us have probably been considering what goals we’d like to accomplish in this New Year, if not technically resolutions, per se. As usual, I’m still going over my options—hey! I have a few days left—but a friend of mine has set out to fulfill one of her life goals: she is going to spend some of her winter time in a warmer locale.
I think if we’re honest, not only does that sound like a fantastic idea, but if we could do the very same thing we would. It’s only when one of our friends sets out to do such a thing that our very (personal) ecosystem, as it were, seems threatened. The truth is, this woman has all her ducks in a row (she always does), work and family are included, and everything is well planned and covered. But some of her friends are giving her a hard time about leaving. I’ve been there: My best friend left for Texas several years ago—and for me personally, it ranks as one of my top-5 sad events. But she didn’t do it to hurt me. It wasn’t about me at all. She did what she needed to do for her family and herself. The best I can hope is that she will move back.
But there’s no cause for the anger emojis and snarky, terse comments I’ve seen only meant to hurt my friend planning her winter getaway. If she decides she needs to stay longer, it will be because she’s happy there. And isn’t happiness what it’s all about?
I can’t help think of Carrie Fisher … and then of Debbie Reynolds. That heartsickness is just too great. Fisher will always be our Princess, but to Reynolds that was always her little girl. I think about what they must have been planning for the holidays and the New Year … and that just puts “First Things First” into perspective, doesn’t it?
Live this life. And share a lot of love and grace this year, Lake Norman!
Take good care,