Dr. Ryan Whalen of Whalen Dentistry wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! And to make sure your trick or treaters’ teeth have a happy one as well, he’s sharing some Halloween tips on what are the best treats to eat to keep their smile shining bright!

Chocolate: Chocoholics rejoice, because chocolate is a Halloween winner when it comes to teeth!  Chocolate melts fast and washes off teeth easily so that it’s more difficult for bacteria to cling to enamel and create cavities.

Pixie Sticks: Although pixie sticks are 100% sugar, which can lead to cavities, they won’t stick to your teeth like some sweet treats. But proceed with caution and make sure you brush after eating.

Lollipops and Hard Candy: These long-standing treats are some of the worst when it comes to teeth.  Not only can they chip and break teeth, they can take a long time to dissolve, meaning bacteria can feed longer and create those nasty cavities.

Taffy and Caramel: These gooey treats are the worst type of candy for your teeth.  They stick to everything including the grooves in your teeth.  Saliva also has a hard time breaking down these candies, creating a playground for bacteria to form.