Submitted by Palmieri  Dentistry,

A smile makeover can fix a wide range of dental problems that make you self-conscious about your looks. But wouldn’t it be great if you could see what your new smile will look like before you commit to any dental procedures? That’s where the Digital Smile Designer comes in by allowing patients to have a sneak peek at their ideal smile ahead of time. Dr. Robert Palmieri of Palmieri Dentistry is the only Master DSD in the Lake Norman area.

DSD is a process that identifies various problems with patients’ smiles and shows them how they may look once a procedure is complete before doing anything to the teeth. The process starts by taking videos, photos, and a mold of your teeth. This data is then utilized to analyze your smile and create/modify a digital version of what your future smile may look like. Once the digital smile is created, it is than transformed into a 3D wax version. It will be the blueprint to test drive the new smile in your mouth.

Next, Dr. Palmieri will place a stent that duplicates the 3D smile over your teeth, like fake nails. The DSD technique can be used for evaluating many, if not all, the dental problems that patients may have.

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