Although Thanksgiving is nearly here, the feverish pace of modern life can make gratefulness a challenge. This month at Whalen Dentistry, we decided to remedy that by telling team members why we are thankful for them. We drew names and wrote down what we appreciate about that person. In this way, we reflected on the positive parts of our lives and we realized that even in bad times, there are things to be grateful for…all you have to do is look for them. Take a peek at what we said about one another; perhaps it will inspire you to tell someone “thank you” this holiday season, too!

Kim is so funny; she keeps me laughing!  She always helps me when I need her and does it so willingly and patiently!

Kat has the unique gift of helping people (always with a smile), and I am often the recipient. I truly appreciate her sincere willingness!

Dr. Whalen is not only a wonderful boss, he’s a friend who I am thankful for each day.

Sara is a hard worker and eager to learn. Also I love that she always wears fun shoes!

Kelly always helps me when I need it and I admire her quick wit!

Toni always offers to get Starbucks while she is out on lunch break.  She is awesome to work next to!

Barbie is very thorough and caring with our patients. Thank you for being so dedicated and easy to work with.