Contributed by Eileen Stoner, The Stoner Group

As a financial advisor and certified divorce financial analyst professional, I often ask myself this question.  The fact remains that the divorce rate among couples over 50 has doubled in the past 30 years.[1]

Based upon some reported research findings1, here are a few reasons why:

  • Women are more financially independent. More than half of women ages 55-64 currently work.
  • Women would rather be single or seek a new partner than remain unhappily married.
  • Staying together “for the kids” is less of an issue when children are grown adults.
  • Online dating creates hope for new and better relationships. Gray divorce no longer means being alone forever.
  • With increased longevity, the prospect of another 20 or 30 years in an unhappy marriage is no longer acceptable.

Whatever the reason for “singleness” it is important for women to understand that managing a checkbook and paying day-to-day bills is just one part of being financially savvy.[2]  Engaging with planning for the future is important too.  Being more informed and in control of your finances is a choice you can make starting today!

[1] Susan L. Brown and I-Fen Lin, The Gray Divorce Revolution, The Journals of Gerontology Volume 67, 11/2012

[2] Source: UBS “Own your worth” 2018.  Full report available upon request courtesy of Eileen Stoner, SVP Wealth Management UBS Financial Services Inc.

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