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Much like the rest of your body, your teeth change as you get older. They can weaken with natural wear and tear, making them more susceptible to damage and cavities. Good dental hygiene — brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and getting regular dental cleanings — is always important for a healthy smile, but sometimes your teeth might need a little extra care.

Even when you’re older, you can still get a beautiful smile you love. Maybe you’ve lost teeth due to decay or injury, your teeth have shifted, or they’re stained from years of enjoying tea and coffee. Gone are the days when ill-fitting dentures were your only option to repair your smile.Today, you can straighten, repair, or replace teeth with more comfortable, natural-looking options to give you your best smile throughout your life that include the following:

Invisalign®️ to Straighten

Crooked teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed or even disrupt your bite, making it more difficult to chew. Invisalign®️ gives you the opportunity to straighten your smile without the hassle of traditional metal braces by using a series of removable plastic trays to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. Each set of aligners is customized for your mouth, and you change the sets about every two weeks. The aligners are clear, and most people never know that you’re wearing them. You can take them out when you need to, making it a great option for busy adults, and you can have a straighter smile in as little as 18 months.

Veneers to Perfect

Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or resin attached to the fronts of your teeth that dramatically improve your smile in just a few office visits. They require only a small amount of local anesthesia, and the procedure is typically painless. Veneers are recommended to patients of all ages who have gapped or misshapen teeth, chips or cracks, small teeth, or severely stained teeth.

Dental Implants to Replace

Implants can replace missing teeth anywhere in your mouth, improving your ability to chew and talk. More natural looking and effective than traditional dental bridges or dentures, they’re designed to match the texture and color of your natural teeth to perfectly fill out your smile.

No matter your age, you deserve a smile that you love to show off. Dr. Palmieri proudly offers dental services from regular cleanings to restorative dentistry to help you look your best at any age. To make an appointment, call our office at 704-247-6336 or book one online with their convenient scheduling tool.