Contributed by Eileen Stoner, The Stoner Group

We all have dreams; dreams for ourselves and dreams for those we love.  Shouldn’t our finances be part of how we achieve those dreams? One of the ways to be intentional within your financial life is to think about how your financial decisions, this week, this month, this year and beyond can help or harm your chances to see those dreams become reality.

Last month in this post we talked about  one of the most common investor mistakes; reacting emotionally to market volatility.[1] Being mindful of how we are feeling and our emotional state can be  the first step as we get ready to make investment decisions. Our dreams can potentially be realized if we remain disciplined and not emotionally driven in the decisions we make about our investments.

More women today live independently than ever before.  Sixty-three percent of unmarried individuals, 18 and older in 2014 who had never been married were women.[2] This can present both a challenge and an opportunity for women as we seek to achieve our financial goals.  Today more of us are financially in charge.[3]  Let’s be sure we are also financially informed.  Achieving your family financial dreams can begin with a conversation. Why not today?

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Source: UBS “Own your worth” 2018 Full report available upon request.  Courtesy of Eileen Stoner, Sr. Vice President Wealth Management UBS Financial Services Inc.

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